Enrolling NEW Student

The General Student Information will contain required information needed to register the student.   After the information is entered click Next.

The Language Information screen will display information required by the California Education Code.   Click Next.


The Resident Parent Information will display for Parent/Guardian 1 and Parent/Guardian 2.   Click Next.

The following Restrained Individual Information is required.   Click Next.

The following Emergency Contact Information is required.   Click Next.

Please Add any medical conditions this student has.   Click Next.

Any Other District Enrollment must be entered.   When complete, click Next.

The following Authorizations must be answered.   Click Next.

The Supplemental Questions must be answered.   Click Next.

The Registration Confirmation screen will display with all data entered.   Verify all information if correct.   If information needs to be updated, click on Edit to update the information.

When complete scroll to the bottom and click Finish and Submit.