Aeries AIR - Online Parent Enrollment

Welcome to the Anaheim Union High School District

On Line Enrollment For NEW Students

Aeries AIR - Online Student Enrollment allows a parent to quickly start the process of enrolling a student for school.   Specific Information about the student is needed, such as, emergency contacts, medical and language information that will be collected through the on line process. Upon completion, the student's information is electronically sent to the school.

To begin the process, it is vital that you take note to all information displayed on this form.

PLEASE NOTE:  This Enrollment process is NOT for a student previously enrolled last year in any AUHSD school or for  6th Grade students that are now Pre-Enrolled  at AUHSD.  This process is only for NEW students NEVER enrolled at AUHSD.

It is also important that you click on the link located at the bottom of the page.   This will display the AUHSD Enrollment Requirements information to review.

Select which Language this program will be viewed - English, Spanish or Korean.   Click on Enroll a new student.

The Year Selection will display and will default to 2016-2017.   Click Next.

The Required Information screen will display.   PLEASE note you MUST have an email account to use this system.  Click the Print this page icon to print out the Required Information then click Next.

 Creating New Account

A Login will display to sign in as an existing user or to create a new account.   The Create New Account requires your name, email address and password.   Click Create Account.


The Terms of Service will display.   After the terms are read click " I agree" .   Click Next.

Enter the Student's Name, birthdate and Grade level.   Click Next.

Enter the required Address information. If the Residence Address is not the same as the Mailing Address click on No, Use a different address for mail.   Enter the Residence Address. Click Next.

 AStreet Table will verify the street address entered.   You must locate your correct address in the drop down.

If the Address entered is eligible to register through the web site the Assigned School for this address and Grade selected will display.   Click Next.

Account Created will display and an email will be sent to the parents email address.

An email will be sent to the parent with Click Here in the email.   If Click Here does not work copy the link into your browser.

The New Account Email Verification screen will display.   Click Next.

A Completed bar will display indicating how far you are with the registration.   The Finish Later button will save the student information and allow you to sign back in at a later time to complete.

Enrolling NEW Student

The General Student Information will contain required information needed to register the student.   After the information is entered click Next.

The Language Information screen will display information required by the California Education Code.   Click Next.


The Resident Parent Information will display for Parent/Guardian 1 and Parent/Guardian 2.   Click Next.

The following Restrained Individual Information is required.   Click Next.

The following Emergency Contact Information is required.   Click Next.

Please Add any medical conditions this student has.   Click Next.

Any Other District Enrollment must be entered.   When complete, click Next.

The following Authorizations must be answered.   Click Next.

The Supplemental Questions must be answered.   Click Next.

The Registration Confirmation screen will display with all data entered.   Verify all information if correct.   If information needs to be updated, click on Edit to update the information.

When complete scroll to the bottom and click Finish and Submit.

Enrollment Confirmation

An email will be sent to the school to notify them of the new registration.   Use the Print button to print two copies of the registration.   Keep a copy for your records and bring a copy to the school.

Now that you have completed your On-Line Enrollment please be sure that you contact the school and make an appointment.   Bring the following with you to the school:


  • Printed Registration confirmation page
  • A utility bill proving parent/guardian residency
  • Students immunization records
  • Students Birth Certificate
  • All printed Test Scores or Transcripts


Once your student has been enrolled at the school you will be able to create an Aeries Parent Portal account from the AUHSD website.   The Aeries Parent Portal option is listed under the Parents tab.

When selecting Aeries Parent Portal the screen will display that will allow you to Create A New Account that will allow you to access your students information.   For detailed instructions click the Registration Instructions for Login as Parent link.

 Please note: You must first enroll your student at the school site prior to creating an Aeries Parent Portal account.   You may contact for assistance creating your Aeries Parent Portal account.